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Phonics Learning Kit (Reusable) for age 5-7 year Doraemon Themed

Original price was: ₹1,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,099.00.

PACKAGE CONTENTS – 1) All about Vowels book, 2) Consonents workbook 3) Phonics Posters & Charts 4) 20 Word Families Cards 5) Blends and Digraphs. 6) CVC words book 7) 2 marker pens. 8) 100+ Phonics Worksheets & Activity Sheets 9)Doraemon mask
DESIGNED BY EXPERTS – A well-researched collection of blends, digraphs & diphthongs cards for the best learning outcome.
PLAY-BASED LEARNING RESOURCES – Reusable phonic books, interesting worksheets, velcro stickers and fun board games for concept clearing.
BUILDS FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS – The kit focuses on building vocabulary, speaking skills, correct pronunciation, and reading independently.
Encourages a love for reading from a young age, building a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


Introducing our Doraemon themed Let’s Learn Phonics Kit – a dynamic and engaging learning experience designed to unlock the world of reading for your little ones! 📚🔤 🌟 Features: Interactive Learning set of 5 Reusable book: Dive into the magic of phonics through a variety of interactive books that make learning fun and memorable. Colorful Flashcards: Vibrant and visually appealing flashcards with clear illustrations and phonetic cues to reinforce letter-sound associations. Engaging Games: Turn learning into play with specially crafted games that enhance phonemic awareness, spelling, and pronunciation. Progressive Learning: The kit grows with your child, offering progressive challenges and activities to match their evolving phonics proficiency. 🔍 Why Choose Our Phonics Kit? Developed by educational experts to align with early literacy standards. Research-backed methodology for effective phonics instruction. Encourages a love for reading from a young age, building a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


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