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The Super Kids

Created by educators. loved by parents around.

Discover an educational platform crafted by dedicated educators and cherished by parents in India. Dive into a world of engaging learning experiences designed to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and ignite a lifelong love for learning. Join a community where education meets innovation, empowering children to reach their full potential while delighting parents with its effectiveness and impact. Explore the educational journey that’s transforming the way families approach learning, creating moments of discovery and joy every step of the way

Ready to learn Kit (0-3 years)

The "Early Learning Pack" is a valuable resource for children aged 0 to 3, featuring

Creative Educational Aids | Age 3-4 | Peppa Pig Themed |

Delight your child with our Creative Educational Aids, featuring a Peppa Pig-themed learning pack for

Early Learning Pack | Age 5-6 | Choota-Bheem Themed |

Immerse your child in the exciting world of Chhota Bheem with our Early Learning Pack,

Home-Learning Kit for Kids Age 6-7 Years | Bluey Themed |

Introducing our Home-Learning Kit for Kids aged 6-7 years. This comprehensive resource is perfect for

Learn about Space, Planets and Earth

Explore the mysteries of the solar system, planets, and Earth with our dynamic learning pack

Hindi learning pack | Age 5-8 years | Learning Kit

Unlock the world of Hindi grammar with our learning pack tailored for children aged 5-8.

Learning Kit | Age 4-5 | Unicorn Themed |

Embark on a magical learning journey with our Unicorn Themed Learning Kit for children aged


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Kids is an internationally recognized brand dedicated to creating inventive educational products and games that nurture essential skills in children while embracing the pleasure of play. Our goal is to provide families with a more intelligent approach to play and empower every child to unlock their complete potential, one product from The Super Kids at a time.

The Super Kids boasts a product team of 100 members, comprising subject experts, educators, remedial instructors, and design specialists who work together to craft our cutting-edge educational products. Our products are meticulously crafted in alignment with our distinctive learning framework, which draws inspiration from Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Harvard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

The Super Kids is a contemporary brand with a strong commitment to the environment that our children will inherit. We are dedicated to the use of eco-friendly materials, which is why our products primarily consist of paper and wood. The Super Kids is a forward-thinking brand with a deep concern for the world our children are set to inherit, and we prioritize sustainability by predominantly utilizing paper and wood materials in our products.


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