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Hindi learning worksheets and workbooks

Original price was: ₹850.00.Current price is: ₹650.00.

Unlock the world of Hindi language learning for your kids with our comprehensive “Hindi Learning Pack for Kids.” We take pride in presenting a carefully curated educational program that will make the journey of learning Hindi more exciting and engaging for children age group(5-8 years). We have included educational activities and workbooks designed specifically for kids, making learning easy and fun.Our pack includes practice tools to help your kids master pronunciation, Hindi script, and basic phrases. With this “Hindi Learning Pack,” your children will learn the Hindi language in its correct form while fostering an appreciation for Indian culture and language. Our mission is to connect children with the beauty of Hindi, and this pack is your key to achieving that goal. Purchase this pack today and provide your children with a new and enjoyable way to learn Hindi!


PACKAGE CONTENTS – 1) 50+ Worksheets(reusable 2) Hindi Flash Cards book, 3) 30+ Hindi Poem, 4) Hindi Language Vocabulary Words, 5) Hindi Swar & Hindi Vyanjan book, 6) Hindi Activity book, 7) Hindi Puzzles, 8) Hindi Alphabets for Kids 9)Marker pen 100 1 varnmala chart ,1matra chart
BUILDS LANGUAGE FOUNDATION – Foundational program which strengthens core Hindi language skills of children age 5-7 years
DESIGNED BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS – A well-researched collection of worksheets, activities and language learning for the best learning outcome.


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