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Kids Workbooks| English,Maths + Hindi Combo | 3-5 age group|

Original price was: ₹899.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.

Comprehensive Learning Workbooks for Kids (Ages 3-5)

Unlock your child’s potential with our engaging and interactive workbooks designed specifically for ages 3-5. Our collection includes English, Math, and Hindi workbooks, each crafted to make learning fun and effective.


English Workbook: Introduce your little one to the world of letters, sounds, and simple words. Filled with colorful illustrations and fun activities, this workbook builds foundational literacy skills through tracing, matching, and basic writing exercises.

Math Workbook: Make numbers exciting with our math workbook that covers counting, shapes, simple addition, and subtraction. Interactive puzzles and games ensure your child develops strong numeracy skills while enjoying every moment of learning.

Hindi Workbook: Foster a love for the Hindi language with activities that teach basic letters, words Engaging exercises like tracing, matching, and picture-based learning help kids grasp the fundamentals of Hindi in an enjoyable way.

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Package Includes:

  1. English Workbook:
    • Alphabet Activities: Tracing and recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters.
    • Phonics Exercises: Introduction to sounds and simple word formation.
    • Writing Skills: Tracing lines, shapes, and letters.
  2. Math Workbook:
    • Number Recognition: Counting from 1 to 20.
    • Basic Operations: Simple addition and subtraction.
    • Shapes and Patterns: Identifying and drawing basic shapes and patterns.
    • Puzzles and Games: Fun activities to reinforce math concepts.
  3. Hindi Workbook:
    • Varnamala Activities: Tracing and recognizing Hindi letters (Swar and Vyanjan).
    • Word Formation: Introduction to simple words and their meanings.
    • Writing Skills: Tracing lines, shapes, and Hindi letters.


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